Digital signage is a multimedia system that allows make high-effective advertising, causing great visual impact both in public and private spaces. This evolution of static advertising media has multiple applications and our IPView Show solution brings the system to the top limit.
The dynamic digital signage provides an interesting platform for advertising and informative communication which offers the possibility of a high and quick return of the investment. Combining text, pictures, video and live TV broadcast, the attention of targeted audience is focused in the screen and results are much more efficient than traditional format.
The range of applications is quite extensive and interesting:
- Hotels 
- Hospitals 
- Restaurants 
- Wellness center 
- Universities, High-schools and other learning institutions 
- Shopping malls and shops 
- Stadiums 
- Museums 
- Supermarkets
In short, any place capable to be used as a platform for marketing and visual communication can be valid as a support for IPView Show, both indoor and outdoor.
With our system is possible to transmit any kind of information based on text, messages, advertisements, promotions, corporate information and news among others, all managed through our web interface. Graphic settings and service selection can be done based on customer requirements.