IPView NET is a digital media system oriented to small and medium-sized MSOs and other corporate networks where information delivered by head office should be showed at the braches in real time.
MSOs are able to use our IPView for providing to subscribers multiple possibilities of added-value solutions, offering better services and opening new alternative business lines:
- Electronic program guide (EPG), showing channels and programs available
- during 7-days period
- Internet over TV
- Customized messaging service addressed to each subscriber
- VoD system and pay per view
- Advertising channels autoedit
- nPVR for recording contents online
Moreover operators have easy access to the internal management of the network: selection of channels to be distributed to every end-user, subscribers and headend monitoring system, etc., all of it via our web management platform.
IPView NET also allows implementing corporate networks that are required to supply real-time information to customers and employees of the company. Bank branches for communicating updated news about financial packages and conditions, as well as franchising retail network receiving information for head office about offers and targeted advertising to potential shoppers, are two examples of NET application business solution.
Another interesting application is connected to educational organizations of any level. NET solution can be used as a support interactive tool system. Moving forward and leaving aside traditional boards and one-direction presentation, though our innovative solution each student can be supplied with an individual monitor through which will interact and improve understanding and learning. Possibilities are endless and the benefits of this kind of IT-learning has already success cases in several European universities.